Requirements for Import-Export:
  1. Proof of Tax Domicile. (R1, R2 where applicable)
  2. Proof of address (receipt of water, light, tel. not greater to 3 months).
  3. Tax identification card.
  4. Copy of Act Constituent of the Company (in its case).
  5. Copy of Notarial power of the Legal Representative of the Company.
  6. Identification with photograph of the representative legal.
  7. RFC of the Legal Representative
  8. Copy of the IMMEX Program
  9. Copy of Prosec
  10. CURP the representative Legal (in case of treat is from person physical).
    1. Awarded order.
    2. Copy of the constitutive record certified before public notary.
    3. Copy of the Notarial Power of the Proxy or Legal Representative (in his case).
    4. Copy of the official Identification with photography of the importer or his legal representative (IFE, passport, migratory form).
    5. Copy of R.F.C.'s bond of the company
    6. Copy of the change notice of fiscal domicile, (as it is the case R2).
    7. Letter responsiva (Technology and of leaf of safety information of materials MSDS (in case of possessing her) for chemical products, informative literature.
    8. Registration in the general or sectoral importer register (as the case may be)
    9. Customs value manifestation with autograph signature of the legal representative of the company.
    10. Letter of Commendation with autograph signature of the legal representative of the company.
    11. Copy of the voucher of domicile of the company (receipt of light, water or telephone) with an antiquity not bigger than 3 months
    12. 2 Current photos of the front of the company.


Formats of Import / Export

icono-word Letter of Commission
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