Autotransporters under NEEC, the most rapid and sure.

Autotransporters under NEEC, the most rapid and sure.

The operations mas valued for the customs groups are the rapidity of delivery and the safety.

Importance of the NEEC for car transporters in México

According to the National Chamber of Freight Carriers (CANACAR), companies governed under the NEEC, favor their efficiency in the delivery of goods, even complementing other measures such as the C-TPAT.

Benefits of NEEC:

  1. Increase of customers / List of reliable companies.
  2. Establishment of security procedures where they did not exist.
  3. Ability for companies and customs groups to carry out self-assessments of security processes.
  4. It reduces disruptions in the logistics chain.
  5. It reduces the risk of theft and damage of the load.
  6. It focuses more on employees in security processes.
  7. Speed ​​up the operations of the customs group.
  8. Personal attention.

Requirements for certification:

  1. Have at least three years of experience in the provision of freight transport services.
  2. Have the current permit, issued by the SCT to provide the federal freight auto transportation service.
  3. State the number of own or leased units, used for the provision of the service.
  4. Declare the number of workers registered before the IMSS or by service contract, on the date of the submission of the application.
  5. Have own or leased facilities, used for the protection of their units.
  6. Check that the means of transportation used for the transportation of the goods have tracking systems in accordance with the format known as the "Terrestrial Carrier Profile".
  7. Be enrolled in the CAAT, in accordance with rule 2.4.6.
  8. Submit the "Application for Certified Business Partner".

It is important to mention that the NEEC scheme, implemented in Mexico since 2011, is in line with the certifications that are demanded worldwide; The companies that obtain it are recognized as Authorized Economic Operators (OAS).

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