Operations more valued in the custom groups are the safety and speed of delivery.

Importance of the NEEC to auto transporters in Mexico

According to the National Chamber of Freight Carriers (CANACAR), companies governed under the NEEC, favor their efficiency in the delivery of goods, even complementing other measures such as the C-TPAT.


  1. Increase of clients / list of companies reliable.
  2. Establishment of procedures of security where it did not exist.
  3. Ability so companies and groups customs carry out self assessments of safety processes.
  4. Reduces disruptions in the logistics chain.
  5. Reduces the risk of theft and damage to the load.
  6. Focuses on more employees in the safety processes.
  7. Streamlining of the operations of the Customs group.
  8. Personal attention.


  1. Have three years minimum experience in the provision of transport service of goods.
  2. Having the existing permit, issued by the SCT to provide auto federal freight transportation service.
  3. Declare the number of own or leased, units used for the provision of the service.
  4. Declare the number of workers reported to the IMSS or contract for services, the date of the filing of the application.
  5. Own or leased, facilities used for the receipt of their units.
  6. Check that the means of transport that used for the transfer of them goods, have with systems of tracking according to it established in the format called "profile of the Auto carrier terrestrial".
  7. Be entered in the CAAT, in accordance with rule 2.4.6.
  8. Submit the "request to partner commercial certificate".

It is important to mention that the NEEC scheme, implemented in Mexico since 2011, is in line with the certifications that are demanded worldwide; The companies that obtain it are recognized as Authorized Economic Operators (OAS).

Customs Law Reform

Customs Law Reform

A restructuring that dictates the World Customs Organization and impact around the world.

From January there will come into force a restructuring of the general Law of import and export, which involves an increase in the tariff fractions.

These changes will force the employees of customs agencies, to returning to the classrooms practically.

This is the new rate, because it increases the fractions and the classification process, with 487 changes in the structure.

"It is going to increase the classification process, of all those subjects that there are; We are handling 2mil 200 sub games, fractions groups, now we are going to handle 2 380 380 something like this, "said the expert.

Structuring all regulatory agreements, locate the new fractions.

This means that the employees of customs brokers must study again to perform their work under the new rules.

In this way, we must analyze the regulatory agreements, see what permits and what requirements there are for import. The changes that take effect in 2017 force the employees of customs agencies to be trained.

Intelligent Customs Pilot Program

Intelligent Customs Pilot Program

It starts in December smart customs pilot program.

Starting next December, a pilot program will be implemented to implement the "intelligent" customs system, with the challenge of 100% automated processing of procedures and operating the business with security and legal certainty, informed the Confederation of Industrial Chambers (Concamin) .

The objective is to ensure that 100% of the procedures are automated and the processes are practically imperceptible and safe.

Said process of automation will allow the saving of 16 million sheets per year; Reduce run times by 70-80% and move from five minutes to 15 seconds at border crossings. "These are the first steps to have intelligent and transparent customs that add value to the chain and position us globally," said Manuel Herrera Vega, president of the industrialists, after meeting with the Tax Administration Service (SAT) and the Ministry of Finance And Public Credit Public Credit (SHCP).

Among the objectives of the General Administration of Customs (AGA) is the homologation of customs processes, so that to automate the processes work on reengineering, in order to eliminate activities that are no longer necessary.

"At the moment, 20 customs formalities are under review in order to automate. It is planned to work with at least 40 other processes," said the SAT representative.

He said that both industrialists and SAT and SHCP authorities agreed that the implementation of new technologies is a necessary change.

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