Customs Law Reform

Customs Law Reform

A restructuring that dictates the World Customs Organization and impact around the world.

From January there will come into force a restructuring of the general Law of import and export, which involves an increase in the tariff fractions.

These changes will force the employees of customs agencies, to returning to the classrooms practically.

This is the new rate, because it increases the fractions and the classification process, with 487 changes in the structure.

"It is going to increase the classification process, of all those subjects that there are; We are handling 2mil 200 sub games, fractions groups, now we are going to handle 2 380 380 something like this, "said the expert.

Structuring all regulatory agreements, locate the new fractions.

This means that the employees of customs brokers must study again to perform their work under the new rules.

In this way, we must analyze the regulatory agreements, see what permits and what requirements there are for import. The changes that take effect in 2017 force the employees of customs agencies to be trained.

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