Intelligent Customs Pilot Program

Intelligent Customs Pilot Program

It starts in December smart customs pilot program.

Starting next December, a pilot program will be implemented to implement the "intelligent" customs system, with the challenge of 100% automated processing of procedures and operating the business with security and legal certainty, informed the Confederation of Industrial Chambers (Concamin) .

The objective is to ensure that 100% of the procedures are automated and the processes are practically imperceptible and safe.

Said process of automation will allow the saving of 16 million sheets per year; Reduce run times by 70-80% and move from five minutes to 15 seconds at border crossings. "These are the first steps to have intelligent and transparent customs that add value to the chain and position us globally," said Manuel Herrera Vega, president of the industrialists, after meeting with the Tax Administration Service (SAT) and the Ministry of Finance And Public Credit Public Credit (SHCP).

Among the objectives of the General Administration of Customs (AGA) is the homologation of customs processes, so that to automate the processes work on reengineering, in order to eliminate activities that are no longer necessary.

"At the moment, 20 customs formalities are under review in order to automate. It is planned to work with at least 40 other processes," said the SAT representative.

He said that both industrialists and SAT and SHCP authorities agreed that the implementation of new technologies is a necessary change.

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